Wilton Shopping Village

Find something unique at this historic riverside setting

Welcome to Wilton Shopping Village

Visit us and enjoy a great day out in a relaxed riverside setting where you’ll discover a historic courtyard, shops, restaurants and an antique centre. After shopping enjoy and relax within the rural conservation area which is surrounded by shallow chalk-bedded rivers. These provide a home to wildlife such as ducks, salmon, trout, water voles and a variety of insect life.

The oldest building in the complex is on the southern side of the courtyard. It was erected in 1710 on the foundation of a 1655 building which was destroyed by fire. Earlier, the site is said to have been used as a tannery and a Tudor grist mill. The central lawn was used for rolling out and inspecting large and special carpets. The yew tree is thought to be over 300 years old.

Wilton Flooring has it’s factory shop situated onsite where it is possible to purchase their full range of quality carpets and rugs, together with a regular supply of clearance product and a very large range of roll ends.

There is plenty of free parking. The shops and restaurants are open seven days a week (except for Christmas, New Year and Easter)