Wilton Shopping Village is turning 21

We are very excited to announce that 2018 sees the 21st anniversary of Wilton Shopping Village. Our beautiful, picturesque and tranquil shopping village started off as a humble, small town shopping centre; but now it has become an inviting and thriving part of the local community offering something for everyone.

As our anniversary approaches and 2018 comes to an end, let’s take a moment to remember the heart warming events our shopping village has brought us this year. From the Royal Wedding and Wimbledon screenings all the way to Vintage Sunday, and let’s not forget the inaugural gin festival.

Join us in celebrating our anniversary the weekend of Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th November with some great Black Friday deals and our beautiful Christmas Craft Fair.


Celebrating Autumn at Cobbs

The air smells crisp and fresh, the leaves are changing, sandcastles have fallen down and beach balls have given way to pumpkins and footballs. October is exactly one week away and it can only mean on thing - Autumn is here!

There is one other way we know the seasons have changed. Cobbs cafe, located here in the historic courtyard of Wilton Shopping Village, have some delicious new additions to their menu. Would autumn really be complete without a rich, creamy and chocolatey libation to hold in those cold hands? The answer is no - and Cobbs haven’t just brought out one but two of these treats.

 Bonfire Toffee Apple Hot Chocolate

Bonfire Toffee Apple Hot Chocolate

Their first autumnal beverage is sweeter than a baby eating candy floss. A Bonfire Toffee Apple Hot Chocolate, topped with a flake. This drink is just a complete sense of all things representing this season. Warm, comforting, topped with lots of cream and a perfect companion after those long and chilly walks around those country lanes with the family.

Cobbs second beverage has been labelled ‘the autumnal mug of goodness’; the slightly more traditional S’mores Hot Chocolate. Everyone has those childhood memories of feeling those tiny marshmallows melting on their tongue as they snuggle further into their enormous coat.

Visit the Cobbs at Wilton website to find out about all their tasty offerings to try this autumn www.cobbsatwilton.co.uk/